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Cannabis Concentrate Jar and Diamonds

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The concentrates and vape products from our lab are the result of a special journey for a select collection of our harvested plants.


A brand for avid users with high standards. Our ‘elixir of life’ varies from live resin, budder, wax, vape cartridges, and RSO, but our go for the gold approach to concentrates never changes.


Cultivate also encompasses our vape brand, CuraVape. With no additives or filler components you’re assured to enjoy a full profile flavor and form from whichever style of vape you choose. Our quality atomizers deliver consistent consumption down to the last bit of sauce and drop of distillate.

From Our Lab

The concentrates and vape products from our lab are the result of a special journey for a select collection of our harvested plants.

Every product that comes from our lab starts at the hydrocarbon extractor, allowing each refined product’s chemical makeup to closely match the structure of the plant from which it is derived.

Our live resins, budders, diamonds, sauces, vapes, and all refined products we produce receive constant attention to process evolution and application of the scientific method in seeking to unlock the greatest potential of refined cannabis products

We wouldn’t be able to yield quality refined products without quality frozen cannabis. That’s why we freeze fresh cannabis plants within hours of harvest – taking the plants down to -80 degrees Celsius before an extraction process that uses solvents kept at -45 degrees Celsius.

Using the fresh frozen cannabis plants ensures the refined product maintains the plant’s original terpene profile.

We set our standards high. That’s why refined products from our extraction process exceed state standards.

We utilize a color remediation column, or CRC, to filter our extracts down to one micron, screening any media and other residual impurities from our final product.

Using a minimal ratio of media to our flower helps us achieve an extract profile that closely represents our flower’s natural profile and ensures our extracts have a rich flavor profile and ideal potency.

Achieving this is possible because our lab is built on the foundation of the scientific method and the capabilities of our many scientists and technicians who implement it daily.

They’re meticulous note takers who document our process with precision to ensure we can reproduce products with confidence and have data to review after each effort.

This is why final step in our process is always reviewing the data – because review is how we improve.

All of this is possible because the right people use the right tools. We’ve invested in an industry-leading, high-volume, closed-loop hydrocarbon extraction system that allows us to create quality concentrates at scale. Our extraction team has meticulously refined our methods around this system to greatly reduced the volume of solvents needed to produce our concentrates. This allows us to achieve efficiency while maintaining a high standard of quality.


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