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A pair of hands lifts a tray of small clones with developed root systems, displaying the bright white roots beneath the tray

Cannabis Q&A

Cannabis Q&A is the section of our site where we answer common questions, new inquiries, and provide general knowledge in simple terms to help everyone better understand the modern cannabis market.

Cannabis is a constantly evolving world, whether it’s new products hitting the market that go beyond the traditional flower, refined standards and practices that provide direction and legitimacy to the legal market, or even the addition of new consumers to the abundance of cannabis consumers nationwide.

Q: What are purchase limits in Illinois?
Resident – 30 grams of flower, five grams of concentrates, and 500 milligrams of cannabis-infused products like edibles and tinctures.
Nonresident – 15 grams of flower, two and a half grams of concentrates, and 250 milligrams of cannabis-infused products.

Q: Is there a difference between medical cannabis products and recreational cannabis products?
No. While recreational cannabis products are subject to state and local taxes, medical and recreational products are the same. Dispensaries may limit access to some products based on their need for the medical market.

Q: Do I need a special ID to buy cannabis products?
No. Medical patients are required to secure a medical card for the purchase of cannabis under the Illinois Medical Cannabis program. Recreational purchasers may utilize their state-issued ID to purchase cannabis products.

Q: What is the effective difference between smoking and eating cannabis products?
Smoking cannabis absorbs smoke or vapor via the lungs for an immediate onset of effects. Eating cannabis typically absorbs substances in the gastrointestinal system, taking upwards of an hour to be effective in some cases. The exception to this is sublingual administration, where salivation allows consumers to absorb particular forms and flavors of cannabis products through the membrane underneath the tongue.

Q: Will purchasing legal cannabis impact my right to own a firearm in Illinois?
No. Purchasing legal cannabis through your local dispensary will not limit your ability to own a firearm.

Q: What are the three units of cost associated with a recreational cannabis purchase in Illinois.
The three units of cost associated with a recreational cannabis purchase are wholesale price, retail markup, and state and local taxes.


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