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We Heart Jane

iHeartJane is the one of the go-to ecommerce platforms for regulated cannabis sales in the U.S. It’s simple for dispensaries, cultivators, and consumers alike.

iHeartJane is the one of the go-to ecommerce platforms for regulated cannabis sales in the U.S. It’s simple for dispensaries, cultivators, and consumers alike.

There are two ways cultivators may merchandise their products on iHeartJane; either collectively under a cultivator’s primary brand or segmented by individual product brands.

This blog is here to help dispensary employees better understand how we organize our products on iHeartJane by individual brands, whether you’re searching for a particular product while helping a customer or inputting inventory in your point-of-sale system.

Our primary brand, Ieso, is a namesake we borrow from Greek mythology where Ieso is the goddess of recuperation.

Our individual product brands touch on themes that range from modern to medieval. Cultivate, Canna-Sours, Alchemy, and Sweet Life by Hannah are Ieso product brands.

For Budtenders who work the sales floor the four brands you will find our products under are Cultivate, Canna-Sours, Sweet Life by Hannah, and Alchemy.

Our Cultivate brand encompasses our flower, CuraVape vapes, and our Groupies and Selfie pre-rolled joints. Our Canna-Sours line only includes our sour gummy edibles. Other edibles, like chocolate items, seasonings, or specialty treats, will be found under our Sweet Life by Hannah line. Alchemy, our concentrate product brand, also features our liquid resin carts or LRCs.

If you’re unable to find a type of product associated with the correct product brands as described, it may fall under the primary brand Ieso.

Ensuring items are categorized best for customer-facing Budtenders on the sales floor, and for customers browsing online menus themselves, starts with inputting items into a dispensary’s point-of-sale system.

When a dispensary employee inputs information into the point-of-sale system the product information will attempt to automatically match with listings that currently exist within the iHeartJane system.

If the product information does not automatically match then the listing will be forwarded to the iHeartJane brands team for review and assignment to a brand.

To ensure a dispensary’s listings are as accurate as possible through iHeartJane the dispensary employees inputting information into their point-of-sale system should reference the individual product brands each type of product falls under.

Flower, CuraVape vapes, and Groupies and Selfies will all fall under the Cultivate product brand. Gummy edibles will fall under the Canna-Sours product brand, while all other edibles will exist under the Sweet Life by Hannah product brand. Lastly, any and all concentrates, as well as liquid resin cartridges, will exist under the Alchemy product brand.

We review our iHeartJane listings on a regular basis to ensure our listings are accurate and to help dispensaries sell our products. With a new look and feel across the Ieso family of brands, keeping an organized digital storefront with iHeartJane will make assisting customers with purchases all the better!


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