Where nature meets science


Meet our grow team

Our facility at IESO was designed and built to supply the patients of The Illinois Medical Cannabis Program with quality products, which are grown with integrity using industry leading technology. That starts with our grow team, which is made up of some of the brightest minds in the region. Grow team members hold various degrees which they combine with growing experience and compassion to help perfect this beautiful plant. IESO uses industry leading technologies to help care for our plants. Environmental controls are all computer controlled. Our fertigation mixture is hand-mixed and proportionally fed to each plant when it is needed. The grow team members and state of the art technologies come together under our 25,000 square foot greenhouse to let the magic of nature help craft our medicine. Our grow team is proud to be able to provide the residents of Illinois piece of mind knowing that we take true and honest care of each plant so that the patients of Illinois can rest a little easier

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Sun Nurtured in southern Illinois

Our facility utilizes natural sunlight to help the plants maintain their health and happiness, plus we are more Eco-friendly and energy efficient. 

Happy Plants

We strive to maintain the cleanest facility with the happiest plants in the state.  We hire expert horticulturists who are always working to expand our offerings to patients.

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